The Perfect Brows
The Perfect Brows


We Are Considered Eyebrow Experts

We provide services such as Eyebrow Threading, Eyebrow Waxing and Brow Tinting. We also provide complimentary make-up after brow services as well as Semi Permanent and Temporary Lash Extensions.

The Perfect Brow Products

We take pride in the products that we offer to your clients. We have created our own mineral based brow powders so that there is a brow color for every client. Our brow gels have conditioners that keep brows in place and looking fresh and natural. We have stencils to help fill in missing spaces on the brows and brushes that create a neat, clean brow all the time. All of our fabulous products keep the brows in perfect shape at all times.

The collection is designed to bring out the beauty of the everyday woman! After your first experience you complexion will never be the same!

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